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Go Beyond unlimited features and technologies

Either you are a customer that want a particular print or a business owner working in fashion, we have a solution for you

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Trusted marketplace

We have differents types of services depending of the target customer: B2B Retail or B2B Wholesale

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B2B Retail

As a customer, you can save your preferences to a print, view it in 3D, and purchase the pattern based on the choices you have set.

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B2B Wholesale

We offer our APIs to businesses to allow them to integrate our printing services into their own and generate a diverse range of prints.


B2B Wholesale :We help you to boost your business profitable with ours API

Our APIs are easy to integrate, compatible with differens environments and programming languages(Python, Java, C#, C++, PHP, etc).

  • Semless repeat function
  • Super resolution print

B2B Retail : we provide an AI print generation plateform for Small Manufacturers of Apparel, Textile & Furnishings

Generate print based on your preferences in term of color, size, gender, trend, etc.

  • 3D model selection
  • print generation
  • 3D visualization
  • Purchase

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to revolutionize fashion by incorporating technology to personalize and revolutionize customer journeys. Sustainability is at the heart of 6DLabs. Our technology aims to reduce returns & the carbon footprint of the industry.



We want to simplify the custom print design process by shortening the time & cost needed for a design using artificial intelligence.


We aim to participate in the reduction of waste through on-demand production and promote digital fashion that is 96% more sustainable.

Fashion X Technology

We invest in AI research and development by designing proprietary algorithms tailored to the fashion industry.

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